Skimmed Milk Powder

Ingredient: Skimmed Cow’s Milk
Energy Value Kcal/Kj: 352/1475
Total Fat G: 1
Protein (Dry Matter) G: 35
Total Sugars (Lactose) G: 52
Shelf Life: 12 Month
Packing Type: 3 folds of kraft paper with polyethylene inner liner. Unused, clean,
waterproof, lightproof, and suitable for human health Kraft Bag – 25 KG.
Packing Size: 500 X 900 X 140 MM
Storage Conditions: Should be stored under Max. Relative Humidity 65% and Max.
Temperature 35°C in the warehouse. Shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight or strong
odors. It keeps its freshness up to the expiry date in the unopened bag under storage



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