RED BULL Model No.: 55065 Product Name: Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml Product Origin: Austria Packaging: 32 pallets in 40 ft container Cans per ?ray: 24 Quantity ( per Shipment ): 1 x 40ft x 32 pallets x 108 trays =3456 trays per 40ft container Brand Name: Red Bull Price Terms: 10 euro/Tray …T/T Supply Ability: 20 X 40FT CONTAINER.




Red bull for sale


When you are on the road.

Every traveler knows that the most important factor for a safe journey is an alert state of body and mind. That makes Red Bull Energy Drinks 250ml   the ideal fuel for those who cover many kilometers. Whether it’s a stressful business trip, a spontaneous excursion or while on vacation, take a break and reach out for a cold can of Red Bull Energy Drinks 250ml. we have one of the best Red Bull Wholesalers from Hungary, kindly check out here. More so, to get.

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The benefit of  Red Bull energy drink


-Gives Energy


-soft and good taste

Also, can, and it provides nutrients such as the amino acid taurine and some B vitamins. Caffeine has the tendency to perk you up in times of weariness. It increases the heart rate to give you that energy boost when you feel tired and drained already. These benefits are what the makers of Red Bull energy drink are focusing on.

What is Red Bull Energy Drinks 

Red Bull is sold in a tall and slim blue-silver can. Originally only available in a single nondescript flavor and regular or sugar-free formulas, a line of “color editions” with artificial fruit flavors was added to the line beginning in 2013. The Red Bull company slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings”. Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company created in 1987. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, with 6.302 billion cans sold in a year



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